Friday, September 05, 2008

Monk ♥ Gov. Palin II

Here's a notable finding from Rasmussen Reports, the polling organization, which did extensive polling after Gov. Palin's speech and found that Republicans and independents like her a lot.

. . . following the Wednesday night speech, voters are fairly evenly divided as to whether Palin or Obama has the better experience to be President. Forty-four percent (44%) of voters say Palin has the better experience while 48% say Obama has the edge. Among unaffiliated voters, 45% say Obama has better experience while 42% say Palin.

Again, this is excellent for the Republicans and awful for Democrats. The comparison is between the top of the Democrat ticket and the #2 on the Republican side. McCain's experience is a given. Biden's is a nullity because (1) he's the #2 on the Democrat ticket and #1's experience is in question; (2) no one would vote for Biden in a presidential race -- the Democrats have had enough chances and rejected him out of hand in both '88 and '08 and no Republican would switch sides for the motormouth from Delaware.

Meanwhile, Michelle Malkin points out the pernicious form of "community organizing" that Obama performed -- he worked for ACORN, the anti-capitalist, far-left, serial voter-fraud perpetrating operation that is so far outside the political mainstream it makes Biden (lifetime American Conservative Union congressional rating 13.04) moderate. Obama's community organizing should not only be mocked, it should be pilloried.

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