Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Joe's Best

Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT), basically a Democrat until the Connecticut far-left fringe threw him out in 2006, gave an impassioned speech in support of John McCain. His powerful points:

- Senator Obama is eloquent but eloquence does not a leader make.

- my Democratic colleagues are trying to paint him to be someone he is not. [Which is true, he's a maverick and infuriated conservatives over a number of issues not the least of which are McCain-Feingold, immigration and coercive interrogation.]

- reminder that George Washington warned against partisanship in his Farewell address and how that partisanship has poisoned Washington(emanating from the unreasoning hatred the Left has harbored for the President since November 2000 but an argument for a different day)

- McCain crosses party lines, Obama does not.

- Country matters more than party and McCain is the right candidate for the country

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