Thursday, September 04, 2008

Monk ♥ Gov. Palin

To be mild, Governor Palin's speech was a hit. The Monk watched and said to Monkette that it hit about 15 on a scale of 1-10. Monkette herself, who despises political speeches, stopped everything to watch Gov. Palin.

The National Review crowd is so thrilled, they're creating criticisms out of whole cloth. Jonah Goldberg says "she was put on the earth to kill caribou and kick butt and she's all out of caribou." Personally, I like this comparison: Palin is to Obama as Lawrence Taylor is to Joe Theismann's leg.

More tellingly, liberal bloggers and media members are scared. Even Tom Shales, the Roger Ebert of TV criticism (equivalent stature in the industry and left-wing politics) gave her a rave review!

The liberals are so desperate, they're even resorting to the stupidest talking point possible (naturally sent around by the very weak immediate response team in the Obama campaign) to denigrate the speech -- someone else wrote it. This is true, and it's true for every politician including Obama -- they employ speechwriters for a reason. Obama didn't write his speech, Hillary didn't write hers, and Biden probably lifted his from a bunch of failed British Labour MPs of the 1970s. Of course, the great Brit Hume swatted two of his Fox News contributors for regurgitating this talking point without questioning its relevance.

Simply stated, the Gov put on a great performance that the Obama campaign and the Left is at pains to diminish.

Good luck with that.

The press' credibility has sunk throughout this campaign from the low ebb it hit after the Bush memos hoax in 2004 to the failure to investigate John Edwards' fictional portrayal of himself as a good family man to reporting false stories about Palin's progeny and political affiliations to raising a double standard about mothers in politics they would never tolerate if the female politician were a Democrat (kudos to liberal columnist Susan Estrich for bucking the trend on this). The Democrats' best ally has been the press, and the press has been an embarrassment of hypocrisy, Obama-worshipping, tendentiousness and foolishness that the public no longer trusts.

But if they saw her last night, the public trusts Sarah Palin.

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