Wednesday, May 02, 2007


That's the only way to describe the Yanks now. First, they lost Wang for most of April with leg problems; then Pavano with arm issues; then Mooooooooooose with a hamstring pull. Wang is still not back to normal, jury's out on Mooooooooose until he reaches a major league mound, but he had not been sharp before the injury.

But yesterday's injury beats all: Phil Hughes, the Yanks' 20-year old wunderkind was in the midst of proving why he's so highly touted. Just eight outs away from a no-hitter in his SECOND MAJOR LEAGUE START, on the road, against a team that can hit and he popped his left hamstring following through on a pitch. That's just cruel fate.


At least Papelbon finally farked up.

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