Friday, May 04, 2007

Fatuity of the day

This one comes courtesy of the International Herald Tribune, which ran this ad:

The Nuclear Power Production and Development Company of Iran (NPPD), an affiliate of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, invites sealed bids for contractors/companies for the Design, Supply of Equipment, Construction and Commissioning of two large-scale units (1000-16000 MWe each) with third generation nuclear power, pressurized Light Water Reactor in the Bushehr Province of Iran.

The IHT is an insert in the English language version of Israel's best-selling newspaper, Ha'aretz. After complaints from an international anti-nuclear weapon proliferation group, an IHT spokesman issued this line:

We believe that advertising should be as free and open as the dictates of honesty and decency allow. In our view, advertising is an essential ingredient in the broad concept of a free press.

Evidently, the dictates of honesty and decency now include ads for helping the weapons facilities of regimes that have a stated goal of killing Israel.

The New York Times Co. owns the IHT.

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