Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Are the Yanks farked?

Basically, yes, according to both Jayson Stark (link above) and SI's Tom Verducci. Then again, it's not a particular concern -- the Yanks should be able to make the playoffs and get their collective heads straight, but The Monk had few if any delusions that the Yanks would win the World Series. Thus, learning that only the '79 Pirates stank up April this badly and then won the title is not a particularly large concern.

On another note, why is it news that Don Zimmer has an opinion about anything? Ask the NY Post's George King, who acted as Zimmer's typist for a rather obvious "I want to blast Brian Cashman but I'm the beatwriter so I'll have someone else do it for me" piece that King authored for today's paper.

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