Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Back from vacation

The Monk has returned!

Blow the trumpets, sound the 'larums!

Where was I? The Monk went to France, home of the cheese-eating surrender monkeys, none of whom were actually rude to either me or the Monkette merely because we're not French (i.e., the French drivers are rude to everyone).

Why? Because The Monk loves castles and palaces (so does Monkette) and The Monkette showed him this one.

Oh yeah, she wanted to go there too (uh, both that palace and France itself). It was our "babymoon" -- the last trip before our first Monkling. There's really no way to sufficiently laud the Monkette's stamina on this trip -- she's six months pregnant and we bopped around to 11 chateaux in four days in the Loire Valley, then she climbed to the abbey on the top of this hill, and trekked through Paris in the rain. There's more, but if you would like to know about it, email me at thekeymonk[at sign]hotmail.com for my travelogue. All said, a nice trip.

And the Yanks still suck.

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