Friday, May 04, 2007

Mind vitamin of the day II

Charles Krauthammer on French Presidential candidate Nicholas Sarkozy, who has a moderate lead over his rival, Socialist Party candidate Segolene Royal, heading into this weekend's election, from last night's Fox News Special Report with Brit Hume:

Eighty-eight percent have said that their vote is already decided. And he's pretty much ahead and he wouldn't only have effect on domestic issues, he would have a huge effect on us. Because he is as pro-American as you will ever find, not only in France, but in any of old Europe. And that would be a huge shift in the center of gravity of Europe. After all, Eastern Europe is fairly pro-American. The Poles, for instance, are taking our missiles, have helped us in Iraq, remember who liberated them; the French have forgotten. He remembers, he's the son of Hungarian refugees. He's quite pro-American.

And if you have him and the shift that you had in Germany where the Merkel is pro-American than her predecessor, Schroeder. You have Brown who will succeed Blair in London, who's reasonably pro-American. That would help us a lot in negotiations with Iran, with the Palestinians, on Lebanon, and especially on Iraq.

I think it would have a huge affect on us if the impediment that the French had been under, Chirac, he saw his role as a Gaullist, of stopping us, checking us, in fact, humiliating us, if possibly, in all parts of the world. You take that away and you substitute a Sarkozy, I think it will have a huge affect on us. So, it's an important election from the American perspective

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