Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Chinese Food

Avoid it.

Not chinese food from your local takeout or from many fine, tasty and economical establishments.

What you should do is avoid buying and consuming foodstuffs and consumables that are (or have major components which are) made in China. As The Monk's post below highlights, mainland Chinese manufacturers are infamous for cutting corners and condoning remarkably dangerous acts in order to cut production costs and compete better in a vicious environment.

Prior to this melamine laced pet food scandal the best known case was a baby formula manufacturer who cut his formula so drastically that many infants were believed to have died from malnutrition. The authorities, rightly, executed him. Enterpreneurs have taken advantage of the Chinese proclivity for the color red by dying egg yolks red - with a carcinogenic industrial dye.

The problem is two-fold. First, the authorities either cannot, or more likely, will not really crack down unless their is heavy pressure from the central authorities. Remarkably it may be the American pet that spurs them to action. Secondly a generation of corrupt and brutal repression by the Communist regime have completely destroyed any sense of morality or ethics in business. You reap what you sow.

Chinese content labeling? Right on. Of course it would be a simple thing for the Chinese to manufacture labels "Made in Taiwan". Cheap products from China have made the standard of living much better for American consumers. You can buy a pair of jeans today for half of what it cost 20 years ago. Clothes, toys? Fine. Just don't eat the food.

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