Thursday, May 31, 2007

GREAT PLAY Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez made a heads-up play in the top of ninth yesterday which the Yankees used to score an extra three runs to secure a much-needed win against Toronto and avoid a second consecutive sweep.

With two out and the Yankees leading 7-5 Rodriguez probably shouted "MINE" as he advanced from second to third on a high infield fly. The Blue Jays third baseman fell for it. Posada was safe and Giambi hit a three run bomb to make it 10-5.

With the way the Yankees are playing and the bullpen, including Rivera, is pitching you take whatever advantage you can.

This isn't Little League. This is THE SHOW.

I did NOT appreciate that Jeter, according to the Post, let Rodriguez twist a bit. Whatever happened to defending your teammates a la Graeme Lloyd?

Just one thing Alex - if you did say "MINE" there's no shame in admitting it. Because there's nothing wrong with it.

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