Monday, August 11, 2008

Talk about a cushy job

It's amazing how little Chicago teachers have to work. As David Freddoso notes in a column describing Obama's educational policies and allies, the Chicago Teachers Union (a long-time Obama supporter that endorsed him for president in 2007) has put together a sweetheart deal for its members.

Elementary school in Chicago is open 174 days each year for just a 5.75 hour school day. That length of the school day includes lunch time.

Even if the teachers work seven hours each day on average (which would include grading papers, prepping lessons, etc., and not take out lunch time), they work 1218 hours each year. As an attorney, I bill more than that by August 1, and that's despite a vacation. And attorneys don't bill every hour they work.

Underpaid teachers? No: they earn $43K to start and will get 60K per year soon thereafter (with great job security) if they obtain a graduate degree. Instead, CTU has UnderWORKed teachers, and underTAUGHT kids. At least in the Windy City.

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