Thursday, August 28, 2008


I thought it was a remarkably indifferent speech delivered well by a superb orator.

He's going give us:
- universal health care
- tax cut for 95% of Americans
- spend $150 billion to make us energy independent in 10 years
- take care of deficits
- take care of Social Security

and pay for it by
- cutting tax loopholes for corporations

Yeah, sure.

He did have some good lines and themes, particularly:
- making fun of the 'ownership' society - it means "you're on your own". It's an effective bit of rhetoric though the intent is loathsome and turns back the clock a generation
- glib lines on abortion, "no unwanted pregnancies" and gun ownership, "uphold the Second Amendment and take away AK-47s"
- John McCain is a good man but "just doesn't get it." "How can he be an agent of change if he agrees with Bush 90% of the time."

Impresses the troops, some nice rhetoric but WHERE'S THE BEEF??

Juan Williams finds it less than satisfying. He pretty much panned it. Felt that he really didn't convince anyone who didn't already support him.

Bill Kristol, surprisingly, thinks very highly of it and says it hits McCain on the Country First slogan.

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