Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The Obama camp HAS to be happy with this.

Some thoughts:

ADULATION from the crowd for Bill Clinton.
Two minutes of applause - Bill has to appeal for folks to sit down.
"I love this [the applause] and I thank you."

"First, I am here to support Obama"
"Second, I am here to warm up the crowd for Joe Biden."
"I love Joe Biden." [not Barack]
He reminds again that 18 million voted for Hillary though declaims that he wants these 18 million to vote for Barack.

But he carries a lot of water for Obama.

- "Barack...has intelligence and curiosity to be President"
- Calls Biden choice a home run ["his first presidential decision - he hit it out of the park."]
- His most powerful argument: compares Obama to himself in 1992. I was too young and inexperienced. A good one, especially for the rank and file but powerful nonetheless. This works only if you think the Clinton Presidency is a good one. And, as Bill Kristol points out, the first years of the Clinton Presidency included Somalia, Haiti and Rwanda.

The rest is liberal tripe.

Oh, and, he STILL PLAYS FAST AND LOOSE WITH THE FACTS. "Wages have been declining." How's that???

How DARE he criticize Bush on AIDS???

McCain is a good man, served honorably but he's wrong. And then tries to tie him to Bush's eight years. Note, they can't really attack him.

But a reminder that he's the best politician that many of us have ever seen and ever will see.

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