Friday, August 01, 2008

The One the Yanks let get away

Easy to say in retrospect but not taking Manny Ramirez off waivers in August 2004 came greatly to grief.

Since 2005 Manny has 120HR / 402RBI / .301 BA / .560 SLG. He's not A-Rod who is 160/472/.311/.595.

But in the postseason since 2004 Manny has hit .344 with 24HR and 64RBI. A-Rod, in comparison, hit .159 with 4HR and 9RBI. To be honest the Yanks may not have made the postseason 2004-07 without A-Rod's production.

Most importantly there likely would not have been any World Series wins in Beantown and probably an additional one for the Yanks in 2004.


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