Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pure a**-kissing

Now Obama wants to grant seniors a pass from all income taxes if they make less than 50K per year. This is ridiculous. There are plenty of seniors who earn less than $50K each year but are VERY comfortable because they have accrued assets throughout the course of their lifetimes, including pensions (companies and the civil service once provided those), personal investments that grew throughout the past 20 years of generally good stock markets, and physical assets like the real estate they own outright because the mortgage was repaid a decade ago.

So basically, Obama is trying to draw off senior voters from McCain for two reasons: (1) they're a strong constituency for McCain; (2) the juniors (18-29 year olds) who will bear the brunt of having to pay for all the benefits the old buggers are getting without paying for them vote in FAR lower percentages, and most of those callow fools are voting for the Prettyman anyway.

Obama -- there's something slimy about him.

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