Monday, August 11, 2008

Not getting it

I understand that the Twins are starting a lefty tonight. Really, I do. Dude throws with his left hand.

But it's not like Glen Perkins is Randy Johnson -- seriously, the guy gives up lots of hits (125 in 102.2 IP) and lefties hit .338 off him. Plus, the Yanks desperately need to win after honking three games in Anaheim, landing four games out in the wild card after the weekend (forget the division at this point) and generally sucking wind for the past two weeks (5-10 since their eight-game win streak after the Break).

And Johnny Damon is currently the leading hitter in the AL (.296 v. lefties, .333 v. righties, .322 overall).

So no, it makes no sense that he's on the pine tonight. Girardi is rotating his lineup too much at this point in the season.

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