Monday, April 23, 2007

Tomorrow's starter today

Joe Torre announced that Phil Hughes, the Yanks' 20-year old "man we hope he's really a phenom" phenom will start against the Blue Jays Thursday at the Stadium.

Here's what The Monk thinks the Yanks should do: pitch Igawa tonight (slated), Wang tomorrow (slated), RASNER on Wednesday (he started last Thursday, Pettitte is slated), Karstens Thursday (he started Saturday, Hughes now slated), then Pettitte-Igawa-Wang for the RedSawx. At that point, the Yanks would be on a semi-normal rotation into May, when Moooooooooose is suppposed to return, with Karstens/Mooooooooose-Pettitte-Igawa set for the Rangers in Arlington next week.

Then again, I would have run on Wakefield in game 5 of the ALCS while Varitek dropped everything in sight. Then again, I wouldn't have started Wright in game 4 of the ALDS last year. Then again, I wouldn't have yanked Pettitte until he finished the 7th Friday.

But I don't get a vote.

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