Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just desserts

After the Univ. of Florida Faculty Senate took the classless and unwarranted step of denying Jeb Bush an honorary degree, the Florida House of Representatives is poised to give the faculty a little smack to remind them who is in charge of Florida's public universities -- the public who voted for Bush.

The House Schools and Learning Council voted Tuesday to name UF's College of Education the "Jeb Bush College of Education.''

The amendment came from Rep. David Rivera, R-Miami, who admitted he was irked by the faculty's decision last month to deny Bush the honorary degree.

"This amendment may demonstrate to some folks around the state and around the country that the office of the governor of Florida is a very prestigious and honorable office and is certainly deserving of an honorary degree,'' Rivera said.

"Some may take it as a message,'' he added. "But more importantly it's an appropriate recognition of a distinguished governor's accomplishments in the field of education.''

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