Friday, April 13, 2007

Decline of the Times

Andrea Peyser rips the NY Times for running a front page story trying to bolster the rape case against the Duke lacrosse players last August as the misdeeds of the Durham DA and the lack of evidence to support his allegations became apparent:

. . . this story so neatly fit the radical agenda of our "newspaper of record," The New York Times, that the paper disgustingly advanced the hoax on its front page, long after other media outlets had backed off.

In a case of "all the lies fit to print," the paper on Aug. 25 affected an air of Timesian authority in a damning article, spoon-fed by DA Nifong. It tried to put to rest some of the alarming inconsistencies in the accuser's story about the night she was "attacked."

"While there are big weaknesses in Mr. Nifong's case, there is also a body of evidence to support his decision to take the matter to a jury," quoth the Times. And, "The full files, reviewed by The New York Times, contain evidence stronger than that highlighted by the defense."

Somehow awaiting an apology from the Times is like waiting for Godot . . .

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