Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Broder: Harry Reid should go

The Monk would expect Rush Limbaugh, Bill Kristol and National Review to rip Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D[ope]-Nev.) for his embarrassing, thoughtless, foolish, dishonest and dishonorable claim that the war in Iraq is lost. Each of them are correct: Reid's claim gives comfort and a HUGE propaganda victory to the enemy in time of war. Thankfully the Senator was not in the chamber during the Battle of the Bulge.

But when David Broder, the "dean" of the Washington DC political press and a Democrat (although not as nakedly partisan as some) has this type of reaction in an XM Radio interview, that's especially noteworthy:

Speaking on XM radio, Broder said that Reid should “learn to engage mind before mouth opens,” and suggested that Reid’s Senate allies “have a little caucus and decide how much further they want to carry Harry Reid” and his “bumbling performance.”

Asked if Harry Reid is “an embarrassment,” Broder said, “I think so,” since “every six weeks or so there’s another episode where he has to apologize for the way in which he has bungled the Democratic case.”

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