Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Make or break time coming

One baseball thought for the day, for all Yankees fans who mistakenly think that they'll win the division just because they caught the RedSux yesterday or the RedSux fans who think they'll win because the Yanks will level off: mark your calendars.

From August 8 until August 27, the Yanks will play EVERY day, and twice on August 18 in Bawstin. A total of 21 games in 20 days in August.

The RedSux get a minor break with a day off before the five-game Yanks-Sawx series in Bahstun (August 18-21) but will play 21 games in 20 days from August 18 to September 6.

The Yanks schedule in that morass: at Chisux (3), Angels (4), Baltimore (3), at Blosux (5), at Seattle (3), at Angels (3). The Yanks typically suck against the Angels (only team with a winning record v. the Yanks in the Torre era) and have 1/3 of those games against them.

The Redstanx have: Yankees (5), at Angels (3), at Seattle (3), at Oakland (3), Toronto (4) and Palehos (3). The Redskunx typically beat the West Coast teams like redheaded stepchildren and took 3 of 4 in Chicago earlier this season, but they have struggled in recent years in Ratway against the BooJays.

Always interesting.

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