Thursday, August 31, 2006

British Jihadis -- Pakistan's worst export

Stephen Schwartz discusses Britain's least favorite import from Pakistan: Deobandism. It's a radical Islamic ideology that was peaceful but became jihadist thanks to Saudi money and influence. Schwartz explains:

In the aftermath of the Afghan war of the 1980s, Deobandi students ("Talibs") in Pakistani madrasas, being already fundamentalist, were noticed by Saudi agents in the Pakistani military and intelligence services. They were trained in totalitarian and terrorist methods and took over Afghanistan as the governing Taliban. From Pakistan and Afghanistan their message disseminated through mosques and madrasas where Pakistani Sunnis congregate--especially in Britain, America, and Canada. Because of their financial resources, proselytizing, and intimidation, they came to dominate Pakistani Sunni communities abroad.

More Saudi fingerprints on the worldwide Islamofascism.

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