Wednesday, August 23, 2006

At least one smart move . . .

The State Department has revoked all Defense Export Licenses to Venezuela. That means that all exports or other transfers of defense technology, items and services to Venezuela are banned unless the seller/transporter gets special permission to send the products or services to Venezuela. There's more, from 71 Fed. Reg. 47554:
In addition, U.S. manufacturers and exporters, and any other affected parties (e.g., brokers) are hereby notified that the Department of State has revoked all licenses and approvals authorizing the export of or other transfers of defense articles or services to Venezuela. Revocation extends to the deletion of Venezuela from any manufacturing license or technical assistance agreement involving Venezuela,
including any agreement that has Venezuela as a sales territory. This action also precludes the use in connection with Venezuela of any exemptions from licensing or other approval requirements included in the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) (22 CFR parts 120–130), with the exception of the license exemptions at section 123.17 of the ITAR for exports of firearms and ammunition to Venezuela when for personal use by individuals (not for resale or retransfer, including to the Government of Venezuela) and the firearms will be returned to the United States.

So we finally have some governmental recognition of the threat from Venezuela.

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