Wednesday, August 23, 2006

American Presbyterians provide portable nutcake

The Presbyterian Church of the United States has an official printing house. That publisher has released a 9-11 conspiracy book that says President Bush is at the root of the plan that brought down the WTC five years ago. And not just 9-11: just about every event that led to US participation in a war (other than World War I and II) was part of a US "false flag" operation designed by imperialist power players in the US government to further US imperial ambitions.

And of course the neocons' war aims are exactly what Bush and Cheney sought to achieve with 9-11 -- in other words, the Jews factor into all this.

I expect to get a comment from Oyster on this, but the Presbys' leadership is nuts. So are a number of Episcopals and Methodists, as evidenced from the supportive blurbs by prominent Episcopal theologians, a Methodist theologian and the author himself (a Methodist). What an embarrassment for American Protestants.

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