Monday, February 27, 2006

NFL questions

Two come to mind: (1) Am I the only person who thinks LenDale White may be a better pro than Reggie Bush; (2) Is Vince Young just Akili Smith II?

I doubt Bush because he's never been a 20 carry per game back, he's smallish, and there's an aspect to him that screams Rocket Ismail or Desmond Howard -- speedy gamebreakers who never made large impacts in the NFL. White is a pound-pound-pound back who may be a poor man's Emmitt Smith.

As for Young, rumors are that he scored a 6 on the 50-point Wonderlic test that NFL teams give at the scouting combines. That's awful. The test isn't that hard but a complete flop is a red flag that the player may lack the ability to understand NFL offensive and defensive complexities. Akili Smith, a rocket-armed QB from Oregon who had one excellent year in college before failing miserably as the Bengals' QB pick in the Donovan McNabb draft similarly scored poorly (although he at least hit 11 or 12) before showing up and demonstrating no ability to learn Cincy's offense.

If there were any question, Young's rumored Wonderlic score has answered it: the Texans won't draft him #1 overall. Now the question is how far will he fall. His lack of prep time for the combine and poor advice from a family-friend agent is hurting him both financially and professionally.

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