Friday, February 03, 2006

THE Cartoons

Here's a link to the cartoons that seem to have the Islamists' knickers in a serious twist.

A couple of them are rather funny, a couple are certainly provocative and several are unclear or inexplicable (to me). And certainly no worse than the treatment Western leaders or celebrities get from cartoonists and caricaturists. Ted Rall, for instance, does much more nasty work than displayed here.

Should some Muslims feel offended? Undoubtedly.
Call for a boycott of the newspapers and demand an apology? Why not?
Remove European goods from their store shelves? If you like.
Bomb offices and newspapers? Unacceptable.
Kidnap foreigners? Insane.

I hope more good than ill will come of this. Perhaps even if no blood is shed. Hopefully the Europeans understand that this is a life of dhimmitude and that fundamentalist Islam is incompatible with democracy. Alternatively they could cravenly self-censor like what Tony Blair's government has just tried to do and in that case, they will be getting what they deserve.

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