Monday, February 27, 2006

Frank Thomas = fat ingrate

Kudos to Kenny Williams, the White Sox GM, for ripping Frank Thomas.

Between his intermittent production, unreliability, whining, injuries and just being fat, Thomas was much more often a problem for the Palehos from 1999-2005, than anything else. When the Chisax finally gave up any hope that he'd be fully useful, they won and Thomas was a non-factor.

Thereafter, Thomas griped and b-tched about how the Palehos treated him at the end of his contract. Williams had enough. He tore into Thomas in the papers and ripped Fat Frank on WGN.

Thomas went from top-notch player and all-around good guy in the early to mid-90s to whinging diva who suffered injuries both randomly and from being a lardo. And during the time of his decline, Thomas made EIGHT figures yearly.

Good riddance.

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