Thursday, February 02, 2006

Chafee'ing at the RINO

The Monk has had more than his share of disagreements with the Republicans and the often misplaced priorities of the National Republican Senatorial Committee -- most notably its backing of Sen. Specter over Pat Toomey.

The latest incarnation of the NRSC, headed by Elizabeth Dole (S.C.) has been awful. It has failed to recruit candidates to run against vulnerable Democrats in Washington (Cantwell), Michigan (Stabenow), North Dakota (both Dorgan and Conrad), West Virginia (Byrd) and Florida (Bill Nelson). Worse yet, the NRSC is not only supporting Democrat-in-all-but-name Lincoln Chafee (who voted against Bush in 2004 and against confirming Alito), but its website is slinging mud at his primary challenger, Steven Laffey, who is actually a conservative who has achieved political success by his own merits instead of by primogeniture.

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