Friday, September 23, 2005

Raffy's comeuppance

Although his lawyers deny it, reports from an insider at the Rafael Palmeiro suspension appeal arbitration said that Raffy claimed to have received a vitamin shot from Miguel Tejada and blamed that for his positive steroid test. Essentially, Raffy threw Miggy under the bus.

Major League Baseball tested Tejada's stash = all vitamin B-12 -- a temporary and completely legal energy booster. Tejada was initially more shocked than peeved (tho' The Monk would be the latter). But the fallout was immediate: Raffy has been essentially fired by the Orioles:

"He won't be dressing for the rest of the year," Orioles executive vice president Jim Beattie said. "We felt it wouldn't be appropriate for the organization."

The abrupt end to Palmeiro's season came one day after it was learned that he cited a vitamin he received from teammate Miguel Tejada as possibly causing the positive steroid test. The Orioles said Major League Baseball absolved Tejada of any wrongdoing.

Beattie said the decision was made during a meeting he attended with owner Peter Angelos, vice president Mike Flanagan and manager Sam Perlozzo. Beattie said Palmeiro was disappointed to learn he would not be welcomed back.

"I would say he wasn't totally in agreement," Beattie said. "He had his sights on finishing out the season."

Beattie said Palmeiro would probably clean out his locker this weekend.

I trusted Raffy as did thousands of baseball (not necessarily even Orioles') fans, he lied, he tried to roll over on Miggy even though Tejada's clean, and his team fired him. Seems like just desserts.

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