Thursday, September 08, 2005

Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi

The Monk's better half, Monkette2B, has had just about enough of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's ranting on Katrina and sent her the following open letter:

I am a resident of the great state of Texas. As a good neighbor, this state has taken responsibility for many of the citizens of Louisiana displaced byHurricane Katrina. Why were we able to do this so effectively? Because Texas state and local authorities have a natural disaster plan that it could use and are using.

I have heard a great deal from you in the press about how President Bush and the Federal Government failed the states hit by Katrina. I cannot, however, recall hearing you speak out about the lack of support from the state and local governments. The officials who should know their citizens' needs better than the President or some government bureaucrat hundreds of miles away. The individuals who are uniquely aware of the needs of many of its residents.

The President did not turn tail and run leaving thousands of poverty stricken people stranded when they could have been bused out in advance. That would be the state and local officials you seem so hesitant to hold responsible in any form. Ms. Pelosi, we elect our state and local officials to do more than just run their mouths for the term. Just a little tip from those of us who live in the South. Nobody was really that surprised when the government of Louisiana failed to protect its citizens during a time of crisis, because the government of Louisiana fails to protect its citizens during the course of every day life. So while you are out there screaming for people to be fired, why don't you throw some of them into the mix. You don't really need a big expensive task force to determine who should take the bulk of responsibility for this matter.

As House Democratic leader I would expect that you should use this unfortunate situation as an example of why it is so important to have strong local and state leaders. To discuss the importance of strong communities so that when some of the citizens regress into lawlessness and 400 to 500 local police run for the hills, they will help each other.

There were things that went wrong on all levels and things will continue to not be perfect. As Americans we will overcome and we will be better for it. It is not the Federal government's job to fix everything. At least it shouldn't be. I do not want a big Federal babysitter making sure I never stumble and hurt myself. That is part of growing up for people, as well, as countries.

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