Thursday, September 29, 2005

Easy call

Kausfiles' Mickey Kaus lines up the bios of Harriet Miers and Michael McConnell and essentially asks if the blurbs were written on blank paper without further discussion, who would be more qualified to be the next Supreme Court justice?

The answer is self-evident.

He also approvingly links a discussion between Alan Brinkley and McConnell on the Bush v. Gore decision from 2000. Kaus may like that McConnell trashed the decision, but McConnell's preferred solution would have been even more pro-Bush.

Lastly, I think all this Harriet Miers speculation is pure rubbish -- she has no more chance of being nominated than ultra-leftwinger Shira Scheindlin. Why? One, Miers is 60 (Owen is 50, Jones is 56, Chief Justice Roberts is 50); two, she is taintable with charges of cronyism no matter how good a justice she could be; three, she has no identifiable track record on key issues for conservatives and the base is getting restless thanks to all the pork-barreling the Republican Congress has done; four, she's not a surprise anymore and the Pres. likes to surprise his foes -- Roberts was a surprise pick even when the announcement came down.

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