Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Just negotiating price

Jessica Cutler is a prostitute. She was a staffer for Sen. Mike DeWine of Ohio, who fired her when he found out she is the author of the Washingtonienne blog -- a diary chronicling her trysts with several Federal officials, who paid her for sex acts.

Her admission is here. An excerpt:

One diary entry described a "married man who pays me for sex" as "chief of staff at one of the gov agencies, appointed by Bush." That man, she claimed, paid her $400 on Tuesday for sex, but she declined to provide his name to The Post, saying, "I'm not trying to ruin his life." (On her blog she identified all the men by initials.)

In the interview, she described the $400 payment as "more like a gift than it was paying for a service" and wouldn't say how much money she has made for sex. "I don't want the IRS banging down my door."

The WaPo article says "She's setting her sights on the book publishing industry: 'They'll totally hire me if I say I got fired from my job on the Hill because of a sex scandal.'" The really sick thing? She's probably right.

A real critical take is here from married and ostensibly moral Michelle Malkin, who did not use her good looks to be published.

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