Thursday, May 06, 2004

Civilization and its enemies

Meryl Yourish is a blogger (blogress?) and penned this entry in response to the Palestinian slaughter of a Jewish family in Gaza. She says it all.

Meirav was two

This is Rebecca [Yourish's daughter, photo on her site]. She is two years old. I see her frequently, usually every Thursday. Sarah and the twins and I run errands in the morning and have lunch in the afternoon. This picture was taken at one of our favorite spots in the West End of Richmond. There are a few more pictures of Rebecca sprinkled throughout this weblog.

Meirav was two. She and Rebecca have something in common. They're both Jewish. Meirav lived in a town in the Gaza Strip with her three sisters. Rebecca lives here in central Virginia with her three brothers. Rebecca giggles a lot, and dances a lot. I'll bet that Meirav giggled and danced, too.

Meirav was two. She was killed by palestinian terrorists while strapped in her carseat in the back of her mother's car. Meirav's body was riddled with bullets. The terrorists shot Meirav, her nine-months-pregnant mother, and her three sisters at close range. Then they ran up to the car and shot each of them in the head—to make certain they were dead.

Meirav was two. She is dead because she was a Jew who dared to live in "palestinian land." Amnesty International has condemned the murders. The United Nations has not. This lukewarm statement by the president of the EU sounds like it was written by Yasser Arafat's speechwriter.

"The killing of children does not serve any legitimate cause and degrades any purpose which it purports to advance," said Irish Foreign Minister Brian Cowen, speaking for the 25-nation bloc.

Meirav was two. Her father has lost his wife, four daughters, and the son he and his wife were going to welcome this month.

When Hatuel heard of the attack, he left the school and headed for home. When he arrived at the Yad Mordechai junction, his father-in-law, Shlomo Malka, stopped him and told him the horrible news. Hatuel was unable to speak since he heard of the attack, and the grandfather kept crying, "Tehila, Hadar, Roni, Meirav, where are you?”

Meirav was two. PA radio hailed her murderers as "heroic martyrs."

Meirav was two. The palestinians celebrated throughout Gaza and the West Bank. Worse still, the murderers brought a video camera and recorded the deaths of the mother and children.

This is why I loathe them. This is why I don't believe they want peace. This is why I have slowly but surely lost any sympathy I once had for the palestinians.

Rebecca is two. She is Jewish. If she were living in Gaza or the West Bank, she would be considered a legitimate target by the palestinians.

Meirav was two.

I have no sympathy for the palestinians and never did. In 1947 the UN partitioned the Palestine Mandate to provide for a Jewish state and a Palestinian state (Transjordan). The Jews were expelled by the Arabs from the palestinian side, just as they were later (and had been, depending on the country) expelled from the Arab countries; the palestinian Arabs were allowed to live in peace in the Jewish area. In 1948, Israel became a state and on the date of its statehood was attacked by Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Transjordan. The Arab countries told the palestinian Arabs they could leave their homes, let the Arab armies rout the Jews and the palestinians would then return to rule all of the Palestine Mandate. Israel won the war. The Arab countries now had hundreds of thousands of refugees that they REFUSED to settle and repatriate as Egyptians, Iraqis, etc. Instead, the palestinian refugees are bargaining chips in the ongoing state of war between Araby and Israel and Jordan has refused to repatriate palestinians in the state that was ORIGINALLY SET ASIDE as the nation of palestinian Arabs (Jordan's population is > 60% palestinian but the country is ruled by the Hashemite dynasty). For more information, see the Palestine Facts website.