Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Debate losing

Andrew Sullivan is going wobbly. Yesterday he said that after the Abu Ghraib fiasco and in consideration of the problems the US is having with Iraqi reconstruction, the invasion of Iraq is "just barely" worthwhile. This late-inning defeatism is disgusting. Sullivan used to be a strong supporter of the invasion and with good reason: (1) everyone knew that Saddam had WMDs before the war = France, Germany, Britain, the US (under Clinton and Bush), Saddam himself (and the Israeli information that Iraq trucked biohazardous material to Syria just before the US attacks supports what "everyone knew"; (2) 300,000 buried in mass graves; (3) rape rooms; (4) mass slaughters of Kurds and Shi'ites; (5) sponsoring terrorism (unquestioned is the Saddam bounty to Palestinian suicide bombers; Stephen Hayes covered the Saddam-Al Qaeda connections in the Weekly Standard [click link at right]).

Well, Sullivan's readers called him on going wobbly so now he's spinning and weaving and dodging and thinking on his computer.

Here's a thought: some stupid MPs with an awful general presided over a shoddily run prison and were discovered and outed by an honest unit member whose revelations triggered a massive internal investigation that thoroughly revealed the wrongdoing and the President of the United States has vowed they will be brought to justice. Think that would happen ANYWHERE else other than Britain?

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