Monday, May 31, 2004

Conventional wisdom, and more

The first two months of the 2004 baseball season are history and here's the question, who's right, my dad or the baseball geeks? Back in the day, my pa always used to say "don't bother me until August" about standings. The baseball geeks have routinely noted that about 75% of the teams that have made the playoffs in the six-division era have been within 4 games of first place on June 1.

One thing has not changed. From 1998-2003, the AL East has finished in the same order: Yanks, RedSax, Jays, O's, D-Rays. From 1999-2002, the RedSux had at least a share of first place on June 1; last year, they were 1/2 game out. This year, more of the same: the Yanks and Redstiffs are tied for first going into June 1 games.

So let the race begin. Good signs for the Yankees = an 18-8 May with a 12-6 road record, including 6-3 in the West Coast locales that have usually been a black hole for the Yanks, and now the hitters are starting to stink less (the Yanks were the highest scoring team in the league before the Memorial Day games). Next step, consistent pitching. The Yanks have about 4 weeks to get that together before they face the RedSux again.

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