Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wisdom and travesty

Here's the lone bit of wisdom regarding the Yankees' season schedule this year: more games against the RedStanx in the latter half of the year. From April-June, the Yanks play Bahstin five times. From July to September, 13 games. That makes sense, unlike the 12 games by end of May that the two played last year.

But the Yankees' schedule this season is preposterous for reasons that vary from last season's insanity. This year, instead of 8 games in 12 days in August against Detroit, the Yanks play the Tigers six times in the first 45 days of the season . . . and that's it. This is what passes for wisdom in MLB: the Yanks, Redsux, Indians and Tigers are likely to be fighting all year for three playoff spots (and do look out for the Mariners with Bedard and Hernandez), are four of the six best teams in baseball (Angels, Mess) and of the 26 games between Yanks/Sawx v. Tigers/Indians, only four (Cleveland at Baaastin) will be played after May 11. (Yanks play Detroit 6 times, Cleveland 7; Bahstin's split is the opposite).

And it is ABSOLUTELY APPALLING that the Yankees do not close out the season in Yankee Stadium in the final year of the House that Ruth Built. Instead of having the Yanks and RedSux close the Stadium in style on the final weekend of the season, the Yanks will be on the road in the Bastin rat den while the Mess will close out Shea Stadium in its final year of slowly sinking into the muck in Flushing, on the final weekend.

What a smack in the face to the greatest franchise in American sports history.

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