Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Governorship of Eliot Spitzer, RIP

Eliot Spitzer resigned as governor of the State of New York this morning.

Good Riddance.

Spitzer's short tenure (January 1, 2007-March 12, 2008) is notable for three things: (1) his illegal attempt (for which his aides took the blame) to manufacture FALSE ethics charges against state Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno merely because Bruno is a political rival; (2) his moronic scheme to grant drivers' licenses to illegal aliens, which he withdrew under incredible political pressure; and (3) his status as Client 9 in a federal probe of an international high-price hooker ring.

The facts just get worse every day. Even CNN's story (linked in title) about Spitzer's resignation, which is as pro-Spitzer as possible considering this disgraceful man, noted that federal prosecutors have evidence that Spitzer spent more than $15,000 for hookers.

Married man, three kids, public servant, public sector salary, and $15K for whores. Other reports indicate he'd been whoring for nearly 10 years and dropping upwards of $80,000 on the habit.

Sad conditions for New York to celebrate its first-ever black governor, David Patterson. From a personality standpoint, Patterson is the anti-Spitzer -- collegial, approachable, personable, mellow and seemingly collaborative. Perhaps he's the tonic that New York needs.

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