Monday, March 10, 2008

Not all politicians are whores . . .

. . . New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is apparently a john.

It must be true -- the NY Times actually has a report damaging to a Democrat!

Spitzer is an unmitigated ass. As a prosecutor he attacked Wall Street with numerous baseless claims and worthless investigations designed to tarnish reputations despite any absence of wrongdoing (three letters: A I G) and caused the business climate of New York to become even less friendly than its stratospheric tax burden had already made it.

As governor, Spitzer has been as ethically corrupt as anyone north of Louisiana, including New Jersey, and has compounded his moral lapses with Nixonian dirty tricks such as the attempt to have NY State troopers give false testimony about NY Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno. Watch The Wire (or now, get the DVDs) -- Spitzer is Tommy Carcetti crossed with Huey Long.

New Yorkers: you voted for this man, he's your problem.

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