Monday, March 31, 2008

The 75% Monk and the dumbest thing said during the NCAAs

The Monk correctly predicted 75% of the Elite Eight.

The Monk correctly predicted 75% of the Final Four. Dickie V and Fran Fraschilla didn't. Bobby Knight predicted Pitt would win the whole thing . . . The Monk told you Pitt is a perennial NCAA underachiever.

For the record, that's at least three times in the past four years that I've picked at least three of the Final Four (I can't remember if I got two or three right in '04 -- I know I had UConn and Duke, and I think I had Ok. State but can't swear to it . . . unfortunately I also had Kentucky [second-round bonk] that year). Last year I correctly picked the entire Final Four.

The Monk is currently playing a happy tune whilst tooting his own Monk-horn.

And for your further edification: the stupidest thing said during the NCAAs, courtesy of SI's Seth Davis who has a penchant for uttering idiocies:

After noting Kevin Love's performance in UCLA's whupping of Xavier: "No one left in the Tournament has anyone who can match up with him."

Seriously, that's what he said.

Kevin Love is the center for UCLA. Tyler Hansbrough (22.8 ppg, 10.3 rpg) is the consensus player of the year and lit the Louisville front line for 28 and 13. He plays for UNC, which is in the Final Four.

Hansbrough is the UNC center.

Seth Davis needs to reinstate his thought-reflect-speak process before saying anything else reprehensibly stupid during the Final Four.

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