Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One small step

Tarek Fatah, head of the Muslim Canadian Congress, thinks the Sudanese are nuts for imprisoning a British schoolteacher whose students decided to name a teddy bear she took to Sudan Muhammad.

He's right. Some excerpts from a Macleans interview (courtesy Mark Steyn):

Here in Canada, what's been the reaction among the larger Muslim community?

TF: They’re exasperated. On one side, you have pressures to be [loyal] to your community, so many people would not say anything. But I can assure you that 99 per cent of the [Muslim] community rolls their eyes, and calls each other, and says, "What next?" We are at a loss for words. It’s embarrassing for us, and it is causing a backlash against the Muslim community. Can you imagine if you were in my shoes? I can imagine my neighbours sitting around the breakfast tables throwing up their hands and saying, “Are we dealing with crazy people?”

* * *

The MCC has urged the Canadian government to intercede. Why should Canada intercede on the behalf of a British citizen?

TF: Because [this issue] causes ordinary, non-Muslim Canadians to look at Muslims as if they are people from another planet. For the sake of better race relations in this country, it is important that mainstream organizations stand up and say, “We will not put up with this nonsense.” The Canadian government is our spokesperson. If it cannot defend a teddy bear, what else will it defend? Canada should call in the Sudanese ambassador and tell them that we find this offensive; that the woman should be released right now and let go.

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