Thursday, December 13, 2007

Clemens and the Mitchell Report

Roger Clemens has lawyered up . . . and picked a good one. Rusty Hardin is one of the best in Houston and he's p****d. The only link right now to steroids and HGH between Clemens and Pettitte, respectively, is Brian McNamee -- a man who has missed numerous opportunities to establish his credibility in the past.

“Roger has been repeatedly tested for these substances and he has never tested positive. There has never been one shred of tangible evidence that he ever used these substances and yet he is being slandered today,” said Clemens attorney Rusty Hardin.

“The use of steroids in sports is a serious problem, it is wrong and it should be stopped,” Hardin said. “However, I am extremely upset that Roger’s name was in this report based on the allegations of a troubled and unreliable witness who only came up with names after being threatened with possible prison time.”

Brian McNamee, a former trainer who worked with Clemens on the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees, has repeatedly denied these current claims, including in June of this year when he was first contacted by federal investigators. According to McNamee, after a day of repeated denials to federal investigators, he changed his story under the threat of federal criminal prosecution. He says he was then forced by those federal prosecutorial authorities to tell the same story for inclusion in the Mitchell report.

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