Friday, December 28, 2007

2008 Yankees' crystal ball

Pete Abraham of the Lower Hudson News is one of the better Yankees' beat writers and the best blogger of the lot. Today, he published his predictions for the 2008 season. Some gems:

Feb. 15: Carl Pavano falls asleep on the beach, suffers debilatating sunburn. “Torre warned me about this guy,” Joe Girardi says.

* * *

April 11: First game of the season against Boston goes to the Red Sox 3-2 . . . Curt Schilling gets the win but breaks his index finger trying to field a line drive off the bat of Jorge Posada. Doctors tell Schilling he will be unable to type again, causing him to suspend his blog,

April 12: Posada given American Literary Award for contributions to the betterment of the culture.

* * *
June 14: Yankees win 3-2 at Houston. Roger Clemens makes 2008 debut with the Yankees, having signed a prorated $27,222,222.22 deal three weeks prior. “I feel great,” Clemens says after throwing seven strong innings. “I owe it all to my new trainer, Victor Conte. Salt of the earth, that guy. That flaxseed oil works.”

* * *
Oct. 22: Despite being limited to 50 pitches, Joba Chamberlain goes seven innings for [World Series] Game 2 victory [against Dodgers]. “Gotta be economical,” he said. “Wang taught me his sinker.” Says Torre: “I think I recognize that kid from somewhere.”

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