Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Moron of the day

From Jayson Stark's story on the Johan Santana trade talks this morning comes this idiocy:

"If the Red Sox get Santana," said an executive of one NL team that's grateful to be in the other league, "they might be the best team in the history of the frigging universe."

Right. And if Wongdoer had wheels, he'd be a trolley.

Executives said the same thing in 1999 when the Yanks acquired Clemens after the 114-win season in '98. Didn't happen -- the Yanks won 98, Clemens and Pettitte struggled, and the team needed a botched double play leading to a big comeback to maintain their division lead in September over a RedSawx team that won 94 despite a rotation that went one man deep (Pedro).
Then again, the '99 Yanks were 11-1 in the playoffs and waxed the Braves in four.

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