Thursday, November 02, 2006

Suicide bombers welcome at UPenn

Dressing up as a KKK member or Hitler is bad taste for a Halloween or costume party. But going as a suicide bomber? Well that's certainly ok at the University of Pennsylvania!

Engineering senior Saad Saadi dressed up as a suicide bomber complete with fake dynamite strapped to his chest, a Koran and faux automatic rifle. This Democracy Project post has pictures of Saadi pretending to execute a hostage, encouraging a youngster AND posing for a picture with UPenn President Amy Gutmann who throws the annual Halloween Party.

Saadi is free to indulge in bad taste and Gutmann is certainly free to pose with him for a picture. But just imagine what would have happened if someone went in a white sheet with a pointy hat? Jesse Jackson would organized a campus march and reminded everyone within earshot of how it reminded him of Selma. (Yes, most situations remind Jackson of Selma.)

The Daily Pennsylvanian certainly doesn't think anything is amiss.

HT: Powerline

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