Monday, November 27, 2006

Stupid does 'coz stupid is

Juan Pierre pulled down a $44M/5 year contract with the Dodgers. Pierre is one of the WORST leadoff hitters in baseball -- he makes more outs than any other because he doesn't walk (32 in '06, 41 in '05). That means his OBP is LOW -- .330 last year, .326 in '05 (compare to Johnny Damon = .359, .366). And Pierre has no pop (career high = 3 HR, career slugging % = .377). Scouts consider him one of the worst CFs in the game because he doesn't get good reads and has an arm that makes Bernie Williams look like Vernon Wells.

No, it's not Darren Dreifort bad, but this signing is a poor one for the Dodgers. Then again, with JD Drew about to break the bank in Boston and Carlos "I'm gonna eat my way to DH quality fielding" Lee making 100M/6 in Houston, the Pierre deal will be just one of many stupid signings in this offseason.

Remember what The Monk has said: gripe about the Yanks all you want, but everyone else's stupid deals are what drive salaries through the roof. MLB salaries are now starting to parallel NBA signings for the picayune return on investment.

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