Friday, November 10, 2006

Matsuzaka to Red Sox?

ESPN's Buster Olney reports that the Boston Red Sox may have the high bid for the rights to negotiate with Japanese ace Daisuke Matsuzaka and that that bid was somewhere between $38 and $45 million.


That sum, if true, is outrageous. I can only see two logical reasons for that kind of bid:

1. Hedge fund boss and owner of the Bosox John Henry has lost his mind

2. Boston is trying to block the Yankees from getting Matsuzaka

The range it would take to sign Matsuzaka is believed to be $12-15 million per for four years. Remember, his agent is Scott Boras. So add $10 per for the posting fee and suddenly we are talking about $22-25 million which is A-Rod money. That's outrageous for a pitcher who's never really faced Major League hitters over a protracted amount of time.

If Olney is right this is a block.

This process is outrageous - some chunk of the posting fee should have been non-refundable to ensure the good faith of the participants.

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