Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Or so the networks, newspapers and internet would have you believe. But be real about two things: (1) if the Democrats gain control of either house of Congress, their worst ideas will die in the House-Senate conference; (2) if the Democrats gain both houses, Pres. Bush can knock the crud off his veto pen.

As for Iraq -- if the President says the troops stay, Congress will lose a showdown over funding or defunding the troops. This is not 1973, the Democrats will not have veto-proof majorities and the President is not covering up G. Gordon Liddy's felonies.

Did I mention Iraq had an active WMD program when we invaded in 2003? Yes, I did -- and my source was the NY Times. So Wongdoer and our like-minded folks should not jump out of tall buildings if the jackasses win tonight.

But there are some things to note. First, the fundamental dishonesty of the Democrats. That party is leveraging votes for moderate candidates in House and Senate elections to place into power far left-wingers who have no connection to the moderate center of American politics: Pelosi, Conyers, Rangel, Waxman, Durbin, Schumer, etc. Thomas Sowell has more details in the article linked to this post.

Second, the September 10 outlook of the Democrats is something from an EU fantasyland. Mark Steyn distills the problem perfectly:

We live in times of plenty. Possibly you disagree with that: you scoff that it’s a “jobless recovery”, or that gas is not yet below two bucks a gallon again. The rest of the world should have America’s problems. Unemployment in the US is just over 4%, which means Dee Dee’s taking a week off between quitting at Bud’s Grill and starting at the hair salon. In the Euro-zone, it’s twice that, and France and Germany get excited if it dips below double digits. As for filling up your car, gas has just plummeted to $5.63 per gallon in France, $5.86 in Germany, and $6.18 in Britain. Which is why, when Americans are shown to their rental vehicle at Charles de Gaulle Airport, they don’t understand why the parking lot’s full of what appear to be slightly oversized cup-holders. So, if you’re upset about unemployment and high gas prices, it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to vote for a party whose broad disposition is that we need to be more like Europe.

Nonetheless, my conscience is clear -- I voted this morning and actually voted for a Democrat . . . in a local judicial election against the worst Republican judge in the county. As I've said before, I've voted for one Democrat for national office since I turned 18 and there are no Daniel Patrick Moynihans in this Democratic party.

So, get out and vote. If you're a Democrat or a liberal, wait until the lines die down and just keep waiting and waiting and . . .

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