Friday, September 08, 2006

Why Democrats Must Not Govern

This is a disgusting letter from Harry Reid, Debbie Stabenow, Dick Durbin, Charles Schumer and Byron Dorgan -- five of the most liberal, partisan and intellectually deficient Democrat senators. They impliedly threaten ABC's status as a licensee of the Federal Communications Commission -- that is, ABC's right to broadcast -- because they disagree with the content of The Path to 9/11 that ABC will air on 9-10 and 9-11-06.

The letter is an exercise in liberal fascism, period. It is heinous, and morally putrid.

The fact is, as John Podhoretz notes, there are composite portrayals of events in the program that are completely wrong and those should unquestionably be excised from the show. Retellings of events that are "fake but accurate" are no truer than Dan Rather's story on the Bush Air National Guard letters.

That said, the vast majority of the protest by the Democrats and the Left goes against an unquestionable fact: Clinton's failures to act against al-Qaeda. The Left wants to paint 9-11 as Pres. Bush's fault, even though WTC Attack I, the Plot to Assassinate ex-Pres. George H. W. Bush, Khobar Towers, East Africa Embassy Bombings, and the USS Cole Bombing, all occurred on Clinton's watch and the Clinton Administration had at least two opportunities to capture bin Laden with aid from the Sudanese that the administration failed to effectuate.

Ultimately, Mark Steyn summed this up well yesterday on Hugh Hewitt's show:

I think the reality of the situation is, there's plenty of blame to go around, and we shouldn't really be having this discussion, because nations fight wars, political parties and administrations don't fight wars. Nations fight wars. And if it hadn't been for the sour Democratic Party oppositionism, and the rubbish they spread about the Bush administration in those seven months before September 11th, [ ] no one would even be wasting their time with this going back and going over what happened long ago. We'd all be looking ahead to the future in everything. But the fact of the matter is, that the Clinton administration basically took a kind of holiday for the 1990's, and they kicked every big foreign policy challenge down the line. And that is something that they ought to be called on.

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