Friday, September 08, 2006

More must-view TV: The Wire and MI-5

The Wire is back! HBO's best series returns Sunday for a 13-part season 4. Good thing: the HBO lineup has suffered recently and The Wire is easily its best show, even better than The Sopranos. Sonny Bunch previews the season.

In other news, Brit drama MI-5 finally returns to A&E nearly a year after its fourth season aired in the UK. Known as "Spooks" in Britain (a slang phrase for spies that could not be used as a title in the US due to racial connotations), MI-5 is one of the best shows on all of television, even after A&E chops off 15 minutes per episode from the BBC airing to fit the show into a one-hour commercial-laden timeframe (BBC does not have commercials). As I noted before, A&E's butchery of MI-5 makes AMC's decision to air Hustle in a 75-minute slot to account for US commercials and the 60-minute runtime of the show even more laudable.

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