Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The overdosed TO?

The report that The Monk heard yesterday was that Terrell Owens had an adverse reaction to prescription painkillers (he had hand surgery last week) and was taken to the hospital for, in essence, a stomach pumping.

This morning, details emerged: he was with his publicist Kim Etheridge last night (reason unknown) and took a bunch of pills, she called emergency services, he went to the hospital as an overdose patient, the police asked him if he wanted to hurt himself and he'd said yes, he took 35 painkillers, etc.

There's a lot to conjecture about in this incident, and that conjecture is worth about as much as you pay to read this blog. At this point, it seems T.O. took an excessive level of painkillers in an attempt to kill himself (although Etheridge denied the high level of pill intake and claimed adverse reaction to the meds). Whether the suicidal ideation is a byproduct of adverse reaction to the painkillers, brain chemical imbalance, depression, or any other cause is pure armchair psychiatry. The fact remains, he needed the help.

More to come, supposes The Monk.

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